Week 1

So I survived the first week following the Cool Impossible training schedule. 6 runs in 7 days. 75km ran.

It was not too bad. I felt like a king for most of the week. Even waking up at 5:10am every day was not as hard as I imagined (I had to cut my evening videogames sessions a bit).
At the start, on Monday, I realised that the 20 minutes test must have gone wrong. I cannot run with that sort of BPM. It is too slow for me. I am used to run at an average of 4:00-4:08 min per km. To keep in the heart zone required by the easy runs in the schedule I would have to go slower than 4:45. Too boring. So I adjusted the tables and added 4bmp only, but it made it more manageable. I still think it is too slow but I’ll see how the next weeks pan out.

HRZone 1 HRZone 2 HRZone 3 HRZone 4 HRZone 5 HRZone 6 HRZone 7
121 130 131 140 141 145 146 149 150 154 155 158 159 163

On Wednesday I did some speed training which I love. That was probably the most fun day of the week.
The other days were mostly slow days running around 10/12km.

On Friday I was glad I’ve ran slow the whole week. I had some belly problems and I had to cut the training short to run quickly home.
I spent all day in bed with super nausea.
I slept most of the day and 13 hours at night. Some people (my wife) might say that it is the result of running too much, but I prefer to think it was something I ate.
Anyway I was not going to fail on the first week. On Saturday I woke up weighting 2kgs less than usual and very weak so I waited until the afternoon to go for the long run of the week.
I went around Richmond Park. I tried to stay off road as much as possible as I was wearing the Cascadia and I wanted to feel like a trail runner. I suffered quite a bit and run 19k quite slowly (4:33 min/km average) but I am happy I completed the week.

Next week looks like more fun as the schedule is quite diverse. Next Saturday morning the NDW50 opens the registrations. Let’s hope I get a place.

Today I am going for a relaxing walk with the girls on the South Downs. One day I will run there too.

Run and Have fun.


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