Easy training week

This week I took it easy as I will be running the Garmin Kingston Run tomorrow. I have ran 45k, to which I will add 16 miles tomorrow.

Monday I did an easy 13km run. Tuesday was raining too much and I was lazy and went back to bed. I wanted to rest on Wednesday but after seeing the weather I decided to swap the two days.

Wednesday I did the usual warm up run and then 4×5′ intervals at roughly 3:50 with 2′ rest.

Thursday was the most epic day of the training week. I started it with the usual 15 minutes easy run plus 5 minutes of alternating quick and slow run. Then I did 5×10″ sprints with 1′ rest after each. Average speed during the sprints was between 3:00 and 3:30 min per km. And then the killer bit: 6×1′ at 3:15 with 2′ rest. A bit of cool down and then home, dead.

Friday I took it easy: 9.2km at 4:30 min per km.

Today, Saturday, I am resting. Eating pasta, drinking a lot of water and just relaxing, looking forward to tomorrow’s race. I will do a post about the event soon after.

In other news, from my running buddies:
my friend Marco from Turin today ran his fist 10k under 50 minutes, well done!
@manuontrail is running the Schwarzwald Marathon tomorrow, go go go!
Davide is running 100 miles in the Pyrénées as I write this, epic as usual.

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